Spotigen: From Prompts to Instant Spotify Playlists

A look into how I built Spotigen, a Chat-GPT plugin that generates Spotify playlists based on your prompts.

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@raillyhugoMay 17, 2023 (about 1 year ago)

Introducing Spotigen

Spotigen is a ChatGPT plugin that streamlines the process of creating Spotify playlists based on your prompts. With Spotigen, you no longer have to manually search for songs on Spotify after generating them with ChatGPT. It's a seamless integration that saves time and enhances the music discovery experience.

How It Started

As an avid programmer and problem-solver, I was thrilled when I got early access to ChatGPT Plugins. The possibilities seemed endless, but I wanted to create something that would make a meaningful impact on someone's life. That's when the idea for Spotigen came to my mind.

Early access email for ChatGPT Plugins
Early access email for ChatGPT Plugins

My mother had been spending a significant amount of time searching for the perfect songs to accompany her social media videos. Even with the assistance of ChatGPT for generating song suggestions, she still had to manually search for and add the songs to her Spotify playlists. I saw an opportunity to automate this process and make her life easier.

The High Level Process

After a few hours of brainstorming and coding, Spotigen was born. I integrated ChatGPT's capabilities with the Spotify API, allowing users to seamlessly go from prompts to instant Spotify playlists. The result was a user-friendly plugin that eliminated the need for manual searches and made music discovery effortless.


Step 1: Install the Plugin

Step 2: Enter Your Prompt

Step 3: Instant Playlist

Step 4: Listen to Your Playlist


Spotigen is built with FastAPI, a Python framework for building APIs and deployed on Vercel.