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Who am I?

Master's student in Artificial Intelligence, experienced Web UI Developer, and Software Engineer specialized in React, Next.js and TypeScript.

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Work Experience

  1. Web UI Developer - Semi-SeniorLatest


    • Stay tuned for updates!
  2. Associate Software UI Developer

    @PCI Energy SolutionsPCI Energy Solutions

    • Collaborated with international teams to design and develop UI for web applications using React, TypeScript, and AG-Grid, with the integration of @pci/kube-ui library.
    • Developed a type-safe Axios client within @pci/kub-auth package by utilizing the OpenAPI specification, streamlining the workflow for UI teams.
    • Initiated and developed an isolated contract-testing environment using Playwright Mock API, ensuring alignment between Backend and UI systems.
    • Utilized AI-assisted tools for extensive code refactoring aligned with modern best practices, thereby improving overall code quality.
  3. Mid Frontend Developer

    @ID Business IntelligenceID Business Intelligence

    • Designed and developed medium to large-sized UI features using React, TypeScript, and Styled Components.
    • Revamped development workflow, enhancing documentation, testing, commit messages, pull requests structure, and integrating new libraries.
    • Built and open-sourced @idbi/components, improving communication between designers and developers.
    • Created and owned the SSO authentication UI, enabling session continuity across the company's digital domain.
    • Re-architected the global state management by transitioning to Redux, reducing technical debt and enhancing system scalability.
  4. Contract Frontend Developer


    • Designed the UX/UI of the entire application with Figma (+30 screens), while interviewing real users.
    • Developed a 7-module educational management system using Next.js, TailwindCSS, and JavaScript.
    • Delivered daily feature updates through agile workflows, adapting to continuous feedback from the product owner.
  5. Web Developer Intern

    @Central Library ‘Pedro Zulen’Central Library ‘Pedro Zulen’

    • Managed and maintained the central library's website, utilizing PHP, JavaScript, and Google Analytics.
    • Crafted Figma screens for dashboards and developed a Next.js application to spotlight the University of San Marcos’ history during COVID-19.
    • Actively updated calendar events and image uploads for new events and books.
    • Conducted regular database updates using PHPMyAdmin, enhancing site functionality and UX.